Member oyster farm locations along southern Rhode Island's coastline.
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Locally grown, farm fresh Rhode Island oysters are delicious and nutritious.
Here at Ocean State Shellfish Cooperative, we provide the freshest, highest quality Northeast oysters all year round. These delicacies from the not-so-deep come from our dedicated, talented oyster farmers, who generously provide the dedication and care required to cultivate our prized shellfish. 

All of us at the co-op share a similar passion for preserving the natural spaces in which our farms call home: Rhode Island’s beautiful and unspoiled coastline, and its vast and precious ecosystems. We’re lucky to live in such a stunning place with its fertile waters, teeming with life and perfect for practicing sustainable aquaculture.

We hope to share with you with some insights into the imperativeness of preserving coastal environments in the Ocean State (and beyond), the importance of promoting sustainable aquaculture, and the benefits of generously supporting locally-grown food by local farmers. Happy surfing.

Delicious Rhode Island oysters served on the half shell on ice, raw bar style.
Welcome to Freshness
Al stopped by for a shucking lesson before heading home to New York State.
Technique is key, presentation is important, but nothing compares to the taste.
Fair visitors sample delicious Rhode Island oysters at the Ocean State Shellfish Cooperative's booth.
Freshly opened oysters always create smiles.
Graham teaches a young "lefty" how to shuck an oyster.
...well worth the reward! (His overjoyed taste buds agree.)
Members educate visitors about the Cooperative's fresh oysters, its group of local farms, and the CoOps green initiatives.
U.S. Congressman Jim Langevin talks with CoOp members at the booth.
A small crowd gathers to watch how shucking is done.
Hmmmmmm... salty taste, sweet finish.
Oyster lovers gather for a tasting of salty perfection.
Oyster Shucking Lessons & Tastings 
at this Summer’s Green Market Festival
Green industries in Rhode Island put on an educational, fun, and delicious good time at the Green Market Festival in South Kingstown, RI.